happy couples make me feel so uncomfortable because it’s like they’re judging you with the superiority of not being alone

❝Within your reach,
under your touch
I am out of my mind;
you’re triggering the
madness within me.❞

❝And what else for me is left but writing my heart out? To turn it upside down on paper for everyone to touch, to twist its depths into words for everyone to see?❞

—s.k., for a mermaid cannot cry
❝I know I’m not a summer night
spent around a bonfire
with guitar strings humming
to the movement of the stars
and the rushing of the waves
but I’d still choose you every time
and even at my worst
I’d still kiss you every night
so don’t you dare let me go
and don’t you dare leave me here alone
because I know I’m not
the kind of pretty you deserve
but I’m still me
and I’m still something
and I still love you❞

—s.k. (via fleurlilly)
❝perhaps I should have told you
I can’t dial your number on first try,
untold words burn your throat
just like any liquor
or that I find shelter
in my own shadow from
the hungry gazes of strange men
I should have kissed before I ran❞

—s.k. (via fleurlilly)
❝I have nothing to be sorry for
and I could fill oceans
with all your insincere apologies
but lately I’ve been missing you so badly
it seems all I wanna do is swim again❞

—s.k., confessions of mine #11
❝your soul’s a fireplace you can’t control
some days you’ll warm me, some days you’ll burn me to the ground
but you’re the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen❞

❝I constantly told my boyfriend
I never had understood
how I fell asleep at night
with my insides caffeine stained
and that I had known however
it’d take 90.8 cups
of brewed coffee to die for me
a few nights ago I sent him
a text at 4.32am saying
that insomnia alone won’t kill me
that it’d take more than that
for me to leave this city for good
and the reply I never got
was all it took for him
to escape a mind I spent
my whole life wishing
I could flee from too❞

—s.k. (via fleurlilly)
❝I don’t want easy
I want ugly crying with the pink skies at 5 am
and wandering through streets darker than
the world last time I got my crystal clear heart broken
if someone offered me indigo sunsets all over europe
and sleep in their tanned arms all night
I’d politely decline and offer my pale hand
to red exploding stars over the stormy grey sea
and cold black coffee the morning after
I’d rather lose my imploding mind than
touch the chalky white moon another night
at least then I wouldn’t have to
stay awake all night imagining
what the violently blue kiss of a lover must feel like❞

—s.k. (via fleurlilly)